Who's Who


    Every Guffaw is completed by “The Aristocrat.” Never formally given a name it is long suspected that he is French Royalty that fled the home country for a quieter life away from the pomp and circumstance. Others say he was told to leave. We may never know. 


      Also called “Aunty Ethel,” this lady has lived a long and very interesting life. Its suspected she grew up in and around New York, but her story is never quite the same any two times she tells it. Her favorite person in the entire world is her nephew, and she is currently 8 minutes without a cigarette. Well done, Ethel!  


     The man himself. Bruce is also a streamer, and from time to time will takeover Risto’s stream entirely. No one knows for sure if Bruce or Risto is actually Australian, but it’s suspected that one of them might be. Bruce lives on a Barge not too far off the coast near the Sydney Opera House, and is much better at Video Games in general than Risto. He’s currently not speaking to Keith. 


    Steven is a level 77 Mage, but has never actually played Dungeons and Dragons. He’s severely allergic to Almonds and has a passion for philately. (stamp collecting for the noobs) His best friend in the whole world is Kyle, and his cats name is Mr. Buttons.