General Schedule:
All times are in PST

Monday: 8 PM(ish)–11 PM

Tuesday: No Stream 

Wednesday: 8 PM(ish)–11 PM


Thursday:  Check Discord

Friday:  Check Discord 

Saturday:  Check Discord 

Sunday: 8PM (ish) – 11PM

Risto’s Twitch stream is a late night hangout where we aim to be inclusive, kind and generally as weird as possible. It generally centers around playing Kaizo Mario but from time to time it also includes other games and collaborations.


1) What does “classroom rules apply mean in the description?” :  My actual job is a teacher and as such I try to keep a PG stream. Generally speaking I want to try and set a good example for any of my students that might wander in.

2) Can chat swear? : As long as its not directed at anyone or done in a hurtful way. Be mindful of the language you use and you should be just fine.

3) What the heck is Kaizo Mario?  Kaizo Mario in the context of this stream is Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo but made much harder. These games are all made by members of the Kaizo Mario community and massive amounts of work. 

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