Huwahh!? : This lovely seal was found on a ferry trip to Vancouver Island and instantly won Risto’s heart. It continues to represent the ongoing feeling of Kaizo Mario. 

Blecky  was a real life statue that Risto’s wife encountered as a child while on vacation. He has since become the sibling of Necky, the streams majestic and beautiful Dinosaur Mascot. 

Necky is the streams Mascot and was found by Risto when she was just a wee 2 ton baby. He raised her in the forests of British Columbia and hand fed her Tree Stars which she now gives out on stream. 

Streamer fish is a love letter to the wonderful Kaizo Community in the form of a chaotic and wonderful storm of streamers that you should definitely check out on twitch. Can you spot them all?
The Fish Storm is a tribute to the many "helper" fish that so bravely attempt to assist mario on his many journeys.

The Risto Mobile is the actual first car Risto ever owned. The Aristocrat bought one in honor of that and uses to fight Kaizo Crimes like mean invisible blocks, or cutoff.