About Risto

Risto is Canadian streamer located on the West Coast not too entirely far from the Americas. The stream started December 2nd 2020 with speedruns of Quickie World 2 and has since grown into a community full of lovely and awesome Aristocrats. Risto has two children and a Mrs Risto, all of whom are very understanding and supportive of the stream. You’ll often hear the adorable sounds of the smallest Risto and you might even catch Medium Risto playing BOTW live on stream. 

When not streaming, Risto is a high school teacher and works with students from grades 8–12. He went to the University of British Columbia for Music and Education, and specializes in woodwinds (specifically saxophone). While he’s currently on hiatus from playing and performing, he is hoping to return to it in the future, and hopefully work it into the stream. 

Risto is also an avid homebrewer and has been making beer since roughly 2011. His garage brewery runs 6 taps, one of which is almost always Ginger beer. The brews are all grain and made with the utmost care and love.